Click Test

This click test will show you the current result and your record.
He will remember your last result, even if you visit this page in a week.


What is a click test for?

    It is easy to find a variety of online games, including arcades, action games, and shooters. Gamers may often spend long hours in front of their PC monitors. Sometimes they may get bored or disappointed by their game result. In these cases, a click test tool may be a great solution to the gaming problems. This simple activity will help gamers relieve tension, and have fun. Check out our article to learn more about the click test.

    What is a Click Test?

    This website was created to help you accurately measure the clicking speed. Typically, the click rate is calculated in CPS (clicks made in a second). The number of clicks can also be measured manually using a stopwatch, but in this case, the result will not be as precise as it is automatically obtained on this site.
    On this page you can find:

    • Your exact CPS result;
    • Speed test performance;
    • Speed graph by time (1 second or more);
    • Instant result evaluation after each test;
    • The menu will not appear if you use the right mouse button;
    • The possibility to share your click test result on social sites.

    How to take the Clicker test:

    • Press the "Start" button to begin playing.
    • Keep clicking until the set time runs out.
    • Get your result.

    If you need to start again, there is a special “Reset” button.
    Click Test tool draws a CPS graph for trials with a length of 1 second or more, which demonstrates how the click rate varies throughout the test. This helps track finger and hand fatigue, especially during extended games.
    After completing each trial, you will see your CPS score instantly. Below the score, you can find special buttons for sharing the CPS result on social networks.

    What CPS test result is good enough?

    Most players can click the mouse for 10 to 60 seconds at a speed of 5-7 CPS without using any special click techniques.

    How to increase the CPS?

    If your clicking score is less than the average, just repeat this game or other test options on this site for a few minutes a day until you reach the indicator of 7 CPS.


    As in many things in life, you need continuous practice and training here. If you are just on the path to increasing your CPS in games, you can simply repeat this trial for several minutes daily. After you reach the score of 7-9 CPS, you will most likely have to use special click techniques for further progress. Having reached a high level, it is recommended to practice these advanced techniques and tips, will be to further increase your score.
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